Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is the physical restoration and maintenance of historic buildings, areas, landscapes and artifacts. Students interested in this field may pursue studies in various fields, including landscape architecture or archaeology.

Inside Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is the process of unearthing, restoring and maintaining historically significant buildings, locations, neighborhoods and artifacts. Architects, landscape architects, archaeologists, historians, museum staff and others are involved in this work. Historic preservation can be a boon to local economies as well as improve residents' sense of community, according to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (www.achp.gov).

Education Information

The education and licensing required to work in historic preservation depends on the type of work being performed and where the individual is employed. For example, a bachelor's or master's degree in landscape architecture and a state license are needed to work as a landscape architect. Archaeologists usually possess at least a master's degree in anthropology or archaeology. In contrast, historians may have a master's or doctoral degree in history or public history. Here are links to several degree programs that are utilized in this occupation.

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