Home Equipment and Furnishings Installer

Home equipment and furnishings installation is a growing occupation due to the rising sales of equipment for home entertainment. Employers prefer applicants who have excellent customer service skills and hands-on experience, as well as certification. Read further to explore this career.

Inside Home Equipment and Furnishings Installer Careers

In most cases, a home equipment and furnishings installer is employed by the store that is selling the goods being delivered and installed. Department stores, electronics stores and building supply stores often employ installers to deliver, unload and install the home equipment and furnishings that they sell. Professional installers are expected to safely deliver equipment and set it up in customers' homes. Some installers opt to open their own home equipment and furnishings installation businesses.

Many installers also repair broken equipment at a repair shop. Types of equipment may include home appliances or radios, as well as vending and amusement machines. Repair work has become more difficult due to miniaturization, which make both the components and the acceptable tolerances smaller. Also, circuit boards components are now mounted on the surface, instead of being plugged into slots. This change in design requires the installer or repairer to precisely solder a new part into place.

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