Home Improvement

A career in home improvement involves working with your hands on renovation and remodeling projects. Home improvement jobs can be found in several fields, including construction and home inspection. Read on to learn more.

Inside Home Improvement

Homes are always in need of regular repair and maintenance. Home improvement professionals perform a variety of jobs, from remodeling rooms to restoring entire homes. They can specialize in windows, roofing, flooring or foundations, to name a few. Individuals can enter the home improvement and remodeling profession right after high school and learn through on-the-job training, or formal learning programs can be completed. The more education a home improvement or construction worker has, the better the job prospects may be.

Education Information

Instructional programs in carpentry and construction can lead to certificates or degrees. Certificate programs may take about a year to complete. There are also bachelor's and master's degree programs in construction engineering and management. Coursework may include topics such as building services systems, construction materials, safety and business planning. Because home improvement professionals are required to be licensed in many states, courses in building codes and licensing exam preparation are also available. The links below offer more details about training programs in the home improvement field.

Distance Learning Options

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