Property Management and Maintenance

Individuals who have strong organizational and handyman skills and are interested in working in real estate may want to consider a career in property management and maintenance. Read on to learn about certification and degree programs in this field.

Inside Property Management and Maintenance

Property management involves handling day-to-day operations of commercial and residential properties that are used to produce income. Property managers ensure these properties are well-maintained, comply with all local and state regulations and are all leased or sold to generate maximum income. Check out the Study.com articles linked below for more details about this career field.

Education Information

Individuals interested in studying to become a property manager may choose from certificate programs to degrees in a variety of majors. There are entry-level positions in property management that may not require a degree, although employers prefer to hire applicants who have at least completed a certificate program. Many certificate programs offer specializations for commercial and residential property management.

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