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Job opportunities for computer repair technicians may be limited, but this entry-level position can lead to other fast-growing careers in the field of computers. Keep reading to explore your options in computer installation or repair and decide if this is the field for you.

Inside Computer Installation and Repair

People working in computer installation and repair set up and fix computer systems. Jobs may require that a repair technician be friendly and personable if they work directly with the customer. Some technicians might also have the opportunity to work on other electronic machines and components in addition to computers, such as printers, monitors or scanners.

Installing and repairing computers gives you the chance to work in a wide range of environments. Education and certification can provide you with the necessary tools to specialize in the specific area of computers that interests you. has resources to help you learn about careers and training in computer installation and repair.

Education Information

Computer repairers need to be familiar with computers and electronic devices. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), having an associate degree in electronics is recommended, but not necessary, for most computer installation and repair jobs ( Some community colleges and vocational schools offer training in computer repair, giving students hands-on experience installing and repairing computer systems. Professional certification, such as CompTIA's A+ credential, can be beneficial to a computer installation and repair technician, and some employers require it.

While associate degrees provide a solid foundation to begin a career in computer installation, a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field can make eventual management positions more accessible. Specialized courses through a certificate or diploma program can also offer you sufficient knowledge to begin your career in information technology (IT). Take a look at the following articles to learn more about degree options in this field.

Distance Learning Options

Quite a few courses and degree programs in computer repair are available online. If you just want to take a specialized course to increase your knowledge of computer repair or if you want to obtain a degree through distance learning, explore the links below to see if an online education is right for you.

Career Options

A job in computer installation and repair begins with obtaining knowledge of computer systems and components. Career progression is aided by earning a degree in a computer-related field, which can lead to advanced IT positions in such areas as computer programming and network administration. Find out more about possible career paths by visiting these links.

Certification Options

Professional certification can enhance your job prospects and salary. Earning one or more IT credentials shows employers you possess sufficient knowledge of specific technologies. You can find certification in a number of specialized areas, such as hardware, networking and application troubleshooting. Visit the links below for more information about certification.

Employment Information

The BLS anticipated jobs for computer, automated teller and office machine repairers to grow four percent in the 2012-2022 decade, which is slower than average. Advancements in technology, including the ability to fix computers remotely, is making repairers more efficient; this, in turn, limits the need for employers to hire additional workers. Those with formal training and experience, however, should have more favorable prospects. The BLS also reported that, as of May 2013, computer, automated teller and office machine repairers earned a mean wage of $38,310 annually.

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