Machine Shop Technologies

Programs that cover machine shop technologies teach students how to work with a variety of tools and mechanical parts used in manufacturing equipment. Learn more here.

Inside Machine Shop Technologies

Most industries need machinists and technicians to maintain, repair, replace and update machinery and equipment. Machine shop technology programs attempt to fill this need by training students on equipment and machine operations used in the manufacturing industry. Professionals in this field often set up and operate milling machines, boring machines and lathes, for instance. They may also repair and upgrade electrical and computer systems that control machines and their functions. Check out some more career- and education-focused articles about machine shop technology by following the Study.com links below.

Education Information

Aspiring machine shop technologists and technicians can pursue a wide range of training programs offered through technical schools and community colleges. Training options in machine shop technologies include apprenticeships, certificate programs and associate's degree programs. Machine shop technologies programs introduce students to the use of basic machine, hand and measuring tools, as well as how to read blueprints, specifications and technical information.

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