Hematology Technician

Hematology technicians collect blood and perform tests on blood samples to help in the detection of disease. Read on to find out more about the training for hematology technicians, as well as how they spend their day.

Inside Hematology Technology

Hematology technicians are medical laboratory technicians, a.k.a. clinical lab technicians or medical technicians, specializing in collecting and testing blood. They are instrumental in detecting diseases of the blood and tissues that form blood. Hematology technicians may take the blood from patients and conduct tests on samples, such as a blood count test. They also may keep the lab equipment clean, sterile and calibrated. They work for medical laboratory technologists or lab managers.

Education Information

The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (www.naacls.org) accredits training programs related to medical laboratory technology. A potential hematology technician may enroll in an associate's degree program for medical lab technicians at a community or vocational college. Some programs offer a focus in hematology. Coursework may include clinical microbiology, lab calculations, phlebotomy and clinical hematology. The following articles detail related programs.

Distance Learning Options

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