Dental Materials

The specialized subject of dental materials is covered in both undergraduate and graduate programs in dentistry and dental technology. Read on to learn more about education and career options in the area of dental materials.

Inside Dental Materials

The field of dental materials encompasses a variety of jobs, from dental lab technicians to researchers and specialists, all of whom work in the fabrication and design of orthodontics. For instance, students interested in dental materials may consider earning an undergraduate degree in dental laboratory technology, which would train them in dental ceramics, dental appliances and metal orthodontic fabrication, among other skills necessary for a dental lab technician job.

A graduate degree in dental materials may be open to both dentists and students who have not earned a degree in dentistry. Students may enroll in a Master of Science (students who are not dentists), Master of Science in Dentistry (for dentists) or a Ph.D. in Dental Sciences. Alternatively, an institution may offer master's and Ph.D. programs in dental materials jointly with the school's department of material science or engineering. A graduate program may be in dental materials, dental biomaterials or both. Dental materials are synthetic and may include polymers, ceramics and metals. Biomaterials are natural tissues, such as bone, dentin and enamel.

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