Anesthesiologist Assistant

Anesthesiologist assistants aid in the implementation of anesthesia or other pre-operative medical services. Aspiring anesthesiologist assistants must complete a formal training program to work in this field. Read on for more information.

Inside Anesthesiologist Assistantship

Anesthesiologist assistants, or physician assistants specializing in anesthesiology, create and implement anesthesia care plans in cooperation with licensed anesthesiologists. Additional job responsibilities may include inserting catheters prior to surgery or monitoring a patient's vital signs during a procedure. Some assistants track a patient's recovery process once an anesthetic has worn off.

Education Information

Students can enroll in an anesthesiology assistant master's degree program in order to gain the necessary skills. Related programs may lead to a master's degree in nursing with a nurse anesthetist specialization. Enrollment prerequisites generally include completion of a bachelor's program with coursework in biology, chemistry, physics and anatomy. Additional application requirements may include submission of GRE or MCAT scores and at least eight hours of time spent observing licensed anesthesiologists in an operating room. Check out the following Study.com articles to learn more about becoming a physician assistant specializing in anesthesiology.

Distance Learning Options

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