Mental Health Services Technician

Mental health services technicians assist those who are mentally and behaviorally impaired. Entry-level positions might require only a high school diploma, but additional training and licensure is needed in some cases. Read on to learn more about this field and its options.

Inside the Mental Health Services Field

Mental health services technicians are also known as psychiatric or behavioral health technicians, aides or assistants. They help care for mentally and behaviorally afflicted individuals. Mental health services technicians assist people with diminished capacity to participate in social and recreational activities. They also provide academic skill-building, occupational training, grooming and eating support. Additional tasks include observing and documenting individuals' behaviors.

Patients often need around-the-clock care, and mental health technicians can expect to work a variety of shifts. Their work is often physically demanding, and technicians should know how to take precautions when exposed to illness and disease. Technicians need to be empathetic and patient with a desire to help others. If this line of work sounds appealing to you, check out the Study.com resources offered below to discover training and career options.

Training and Licensure Information

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