Public Health Nurse or Community Nurse

A public health nurse or community nurse is a registered nurse whose primary duties are to educate the public about health and safety related issues. Continue reading to learn about education and career requirements in this field.

Inside Public Health and Community Nursing

In addition to health and safety education, public and community health nurses assess and prioritize health and safety concerns within communities, as well as create and implement healthcare and safety plans. Additional duties can include administering healthcare services and advocating for healthcare improvements. Those who are compassionate, enjoy educating others and have an aptitude for science may enjoy working in these occupations.

Education Information

Degree programs for aspiring public and community health nurses range from the associate to the doctoral level. However, the first step to working in the field of public and community health nursing is to become a registered nurse. Becoming a registered nurse involves completing an approved nursing program, usually resulting in a bachelor's degree in nursing, and passing a national licensing exam.

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