Large Animal and Equine Medicine

Large animal and equine medicine is a branch of veterinary science dealing with horses, cows, bulls and other similarly sized animals. Read on to find out more about the education required for a career in caring for large animals and equines.

Inside Large Animal and Equine Medicine

Joining the field of large animal and equine medicine requires thorough training, aside from a special appreciation for animals. Students in large animal and equine medicine programs learn how to care for such animals as horses, cattle, swine, sheep, ostriches and goats. Some programs also provide training in wildlife and exotic animal medicine. From 2-year programs to extensive animal medical training, there are plenty of options for students aspiring to work with large animals and horses.

Education Information

Students interested in the field of large animal and equine medicine can pursue a relevant associate's or a bachelor's degree program, which prepares them for work as veterinary technicians. Post-graduate and doctorate programs are intended for aspiring veterinarians.

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