Astronomers study outer space and all the celestial objects in it. Observing the cosmos, though, is not only for scientists with doctorates. Read on to find out more about academic and career options in the field of astronomy.

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Astronomy is the study of everything beyond the Earth's atmosphere, including the moon, the sun, other planets and all the stars. In other words, astronomers examine and investigate the whole universe. Unlike fellow scientists, such as chemists and biologists, astronomers rarely perform laboratory experiments; rather, their science relies mostly on space observation and mathematics. Astronomers of all levels share a fascination with the universe, which prompts them to study and analyze the cosmos in order to understand its principles.

Astronomy may be an exciting career or education choice for those intrigued by the workings of the universe. No matter what your professional goals are in the astronomy field, Study.com provides a multitude of articles to help you aim for the stars.

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