Cognitive Science

Cognitive science combines knowledge from psychology, computer science, neuroscience, linguistics and philosophy to understand the workings of the human mind. Read on to learn more about degrees and careers in the field of cognitive science.

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Cognitive science scholars seek to understand how the human mind manipulates information and performs cognitive tasks such as rational decision making. Individuals who pursue cognitive science-related careers are emotionally stable, pay attention to detail, can solve problems and know how to apply scientific concepts to everyday situations. Whether you're interested in learning about degree programs, career possibilities or certification requirements, Study.com has the resources to provide you with information that can help you with your career decisions.

Education Information

Many universities offer bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs in cognitive science. Some cognitive science majors are required to choose one or two areas of focus, such as psychology, computational models or linguistics. Undergraduate-level courses include artificial intelligence, behavior, mind, memory, human learning and cognitive psychology. Graduate degree program courses include ties between the brain and memory, artificial intelligence, cognition, linguistic studies, perception and reasoning. Learn more about degree programs and courses in cognitive science by reviewing the articles shown below.

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