Heavy Equipment Operation

Heavy equipment operators work outdoors controlling heavy machinery, such as bulldozers and other construction equipment. They may work on civil engineering, residential, road, water and sewer projects. Read on to discover the training and career options available in heavy equipment operation.

Inside Heavy Equipment Operation

In addition to controlling machines like bulldozers, heavy equipment operators may also be expected to maintain the machines they use and perform minor repairs. Employers of heavy equipment operators often look for applicants with a high school diploma and some form of apprenticeship or supervised training experience, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Check out the resource links below to further explore this field's options.

Education Information

Education and training programs for heavy equipment operators include courses in welding, hydraulics and controls. Other heavy equipment coursework might cover surveying, civil engineering and general contracting. Certificate and degree programs in heavy equipment operation typically offer instruction in using small construction equipment before students are allowed to operate large construction equipment, or heavy machinery, such as cranes, pavers and pile drivers.

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