Distance Learning Banking Diploma and Certificate Program Info

Learn about online programs with banking courses. Get an overview of the program types, requirements and course descriptions available for this field.

Essential Information

Online banking programs cover topics in commercial banking, financial management, consumer lending and investments.

Online AvailabilityFully online programs
Majors with Banking CoursesAccounting, finance, and business administration
Degree Levels AvailableDiploma, certificate, associate's, and bachelors

The courses that lead to distance learning banking diplomas or certificates are typically offered online in the following formats, though some may also be earned through mail correspondence:

Instructor-Led: These courses have a traditional classroom format, including written assignments and exams, a course textbook and extensive instructor involvement in virtual classroom management and instruction.

Self-Paced: Self-paced courses cover basic banking and business principles, allowing students to access online exercises, study guides and quizzes at their own pace in preparation for a final assessment.

Interactive Workshops: Often paired with self-paced courses, these distance learning web conferences engage students in role plays, practice sessions and other interactive, practical applications that further their banking knowledge.

Correspondence: Students in correspondence courses receive a textbook, assignments and exams, which they complete before sending on to regional training centers for grading.

Diploma or Certificate in Banking

A full range of distance learning banking diploma and certificate programs is available through the American Banking Institute as well as through regional banking associations in most states. The majority of these programs are designed to provide career development skills to professional bankers or students in entry-level banking positions.

These programs of study can require as few as four banking courses and as many as 20, and they typically cover topics such as money and banking, economics, finance, marketing and ethics. The following banking diplomas and certificates are offered in distance learning formats:

  • General Banking Diploma
  • Bank Financial Management Diploma
  • Mortgage Lending Diploma
  • Bank Marketing Diploma
  • Personal Trust Diploma
  • Bank Teller Certificate
  • Small Business Banking Certificate
  • Team Leader Certificate
  • Customer Service Representative Certificate

College Degree in Banking or Related Fields

Distance learning banking degrees are more widely offered by colleges and universities than diplomas and certificates. These programs may lead to associate or bachelor's degrees in banking; but are more likely to focus on in accounting, finance or business administration with an emphasis in banking.

Course Topics

Some of the following topics are covered in distance learning banking degree programs:

  • Money and Banking
  • Investments
  • Financial Management
  • Consumer Lending
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Finance

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