Distance Learning Courses in Entrepreneurship with Training Info

Research online entrepreneurship courses and programs. Find out what you can learn in these courses and what you'll need in order to participate in online learning to determine if it's right for you.

Essential Information

Prospective students can choose from online associate, bachelor's or master's degree programs in entrepreneurship. Students enrolled in entrepreneurship programs are exposed to a broad range of business practices and theories that help them learn to create and maintain successful businesses.

Online Availability Programs are mostly online
Degree Levels Available Associate's, bachelor's, master's
Online Requirements Specific software, basic audio-visual computer equipment
In-Person Requirements Some programs require proctored exams

Program Overview

Distance learning programs include courses in basic economics, accounting, management, marketing, advertising, public relations and human resources management. Building on these foundational courses, many distance learning programs also offer advanced and specialized business courses.

Course Topics

Below are a few examples of common courses.

Business Management Principles

Students looking to become entrepreneurs require extended managerial training in order to handle the various tasks of day-to-day business operations. Advanced business management courses allow students to become familiar with managerial tasks, including finding and hiring employees, collecting and analyzing financial data and regulating internal business policies. Although distance learning programs lack face-to-face interaction, many of the management principles learned in these courses are easily described through texts and online resources.

Financial Management

Distance learning courses in financial management are largely numbers-based, providing students with basic financial and accounting formulas that are commonly used in business. Students learn different types of bookkeeping and determine which type bests meets their needs. Distance learning programs also provide basic tax and legal information based on location.

Global and International Business

As companies increasingly conduct business without borders, an understanding of global entrepreneurship can help students become successful entrepreneurs. Students learn about global trends and foreign business policies and procedures.

Online Learning

Distance learning courses in entrepreneurship may be Internet-based or conducted through postal mail. Students in online programs may be required to have a webcam and headset with microphone to participate in virtual class discussions. Students may also need spreadsheet, word processing and presentation software. Some programs require students to visit community colleges or other academic centers to take proctored exams.

Career Information

With a distance learning degree in entrepreneurship, students can found and operate businesses in any number of fields. Many entrepreneurs decide to enter technological, computer-based and energy production industries.

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