Distance Learning Degree Programs in International Studies

International studies degree programs teach students how nations work with one another in matters of economics, foreign policy, business and other subjects. Undergraduate and graduate distance learning programs in international studies are available. Keep reading to explore the coursework in these programs, and find out how online learning works.

Bachelor's Degree Overview

International studies could be pursued online through a bachelor's program in international relations. These programs are designed so that students gain a perspective of various cultures, customs and laws. Such studies can complement their professional goals, which could include working in relevant fields, such as government and international business, or on particular issues that have a global impact, like environmental science.

Course Topics

Typical courses might include the following:

  • Global economic systems
  • History of various nations and civilizations
  • Communication skills
  • Foreign language
  • Global security
  • International laws and politics
  • Ethics

Master's Degree Overview

Graduate programs in international studies, such as a Master of Arts in International Relations, take a deeper look at the complexities of global politics and interactions. Some programs offer concentrations in areas such as global studies, national security or regional affairs. Other programs might be geared toward students who intend to pursue doctoral degrees or careers in academia. Some master's degree programs may integrate a thesis.

Course Topics

In addition to the topics listed above, graduate programs might include coursework in the following:

  • Comparative politics
  • Human rights issues
  • Global environmental issues
  • Foreign policy
  • Impact of terrorism
  • Theories of international relations

Program Delivery Details

Distance learning programs are usually delivered via an online format. Some programs utilize the web-based Blackboard course management system. Online delivery allows students flexibility in reviewing course materials and completing assignments. Distance learning programs may also utilize cable TV or satellite technologies to broadcast course materials to students.

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