List of Electronics Schools, Colleges and Universities in the U.S.

Electronics schools and colleges offer programs in multiple fields, including applied science, engineering, electronics technology and the skilled trades. When choosing an electronics school, students often take into consideration the type of degree program, career goals and a school's facilities.

How to Select an Electronics School

Because of the number of fields offered by electronics schools, students usually first narrow down electronics colleges by field of study. Electronics programs can be broadly broken into 2- and 4-year programs. Examples of 2-year electronics programs include electronics technology, electrician training and electrical engineering technology. Students completing a 2-year program normally earn an associate's degree and are qualified to work in a skilled trade or entry-level position in their field.

Four-year electronics schools and colleges award bachelor's degrees. Examples of electronics programs offered at the bachelor's degree level include electrical engineering, applied science and applied physics. Students earning a bachelor's degree, especially in an engineering field, often are qualified for more advanced positions.

The best electronics school for a student depends on his or her career goals. For example, a 4-year degree may be unnecessary if a student wishes to pursue a career as an electrician. Those who want to work in electrical engineering or electrical design must have at least a bachelor's degree. Some careers or positions may also require students to pass relevant licensing examinations.

Students may also take into account a school's facilities when choosing a program. While some fields in electronics are more academic and classroom-based, others offer more hands-on opportunities. Having up-to-date equipment, laboratories and facilities may be a bonus for some students when choosing a school.

Largest Schools by Student Enrollment

College/University Student Population Institution Type
Arizona State University 67,082 4-year, Public
Miami Dade College 57,222 4-year, primarily associate's, Public
Ohio State University - Main Campus 53,715 4-year, Public
University of Florida 51,474 4-year, Public
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 51,140 4-year, Public
University of Central Florida 50,121 4-year, Public
The University of Texas at Austin 49,984 4-year, Public
Texas A & M University 48,039 4-year, Public
Michigan State University 46,510 4-year, Public
University of South Florida 46,189 4-year, Public
Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus 44,406 4-year, Public
University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign 43,246 4-year, Public
Northern Virginia Community College 42,663 2-year, Public
University of Wisconsin - Madison 41,620 4-year, Public
Purdue University - Main Campus 41,433 4-year, Public
Lone Star College System 41,345 2-year, Public
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor 41,028 4-year, Public
College of Southern Nevada 40,310 4-year, primarily associate's, Public
University of Washington - Seattle Campus 39,675 4-year, Public
Tarrant County College District 39,596 2-year, Public

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