Emergency Teacher Certification in Texas with School Information

Texas has an emergency teacher certification option that is used in cases where a school can't find licensed teachers and has open positions that need to be filled. In many cases, teachers working under this type of certification are expected to complete training requirements for a regular teaching license if they wish to continue teaching in the same position.

How Can I Earn Texas Emergency Teacher Certification?

An individual can't earn emergency teacher certification because it is granted by the Texas State Board for Educator Certification to a school district, not an individual teacher. It's the school district superintendent's responsibility to secure the certification, and it can be used for individuals who don't meet all the requirements for regular licensing. According to the Texas Administrative Code, under this type of certification, an individual can only hold the position for three years. If the teacher wishes to continue in the same position, he or she must earn a permanent teaching certification by meeting the normal requirements.

Emergency Teacher Certification Requirements

To work under an emergency teacher certification, an individual typically must have a bachelor's degree and/or have experience or training in the subject he or she will teach, pass a criminal background check and be of good moral character. Regardless of the subject being taught, all individuals must be 18 years or older and speak fluent English.

How Can a Teacher Earn a Permanent Teaching Certification?

To earn a Texas teaching license, a person must hold a bachelor's degree appropriate for the subject and grade level he or she will teach and have completed a teacher training program. In addition, certification tests must be passed in the area in which the individual will teach.

Teachers can work towards meeting education requirements while working under an emergency certification and might be encouraged to do so if they want to keep their current position. If individuals already have a college degree that is not in the area they wish to teach, they can complete an accelerated or alternative program. This type of program allows the person to gain the appropriate education in his or her chosen subject area and the required teacher training.

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