Energy Healing Degree Programs and Majors

Read about degree programs in energy healing, which are uncommon. Find information about the coursework in these programs, related fields of study and popular career options.

Essential Information

Since energy healing is a specialty under the umbrella of holistic wellness, degree programs that are specific to energy healing are rare; accredited degree programs are especially difficult to find. Possible degree programs should cover the process of healing through energy fields and spirituality. Patients or clients are typically people who are concerned with pursuing happiness, optimum overall health and the human potential. Programs are often available online, because the field is relatively specialized.

Programs address the cultural convention that wellness is synonymous with physical health and discuss other possible dimensions of wellness. Students are trained in the different cultural histories of spiritual and religious healing practices, including dance, meditation and expression through art. To supplement these skills, students also learn to distinguish between religion and spirituality.

Students learn the stages of spiritual wellness and discover the ways in which historical context can affect this type of treatment. Such education also explores how the energy field functions, how students can identify disturbances and how they can correct them. Associate's programs in this field require a high school diploma or GED; however, most programs recommend a background in science, business, chemistry, religious studies or even pre-medicine.

Program Coursework

Courses combine knowledge of the body with social and historical contexts. Some programs incorporate business skills as well. Here are some examples of classes you might see in an energy healing program:

  • The physical body
  • Healing practices
  • Energy healing
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Business administration

Popular Career Options

The most popular career path for energy healing professionals is to start their own practice; however, other options are available as well:

  • Alternative hospital care
  • International wellness clinic
  • Entrepreneur
  • Alternative health group partner
  • Eastern medicine educator

Continuing Education

Graduates of associate's degrees in energy healing sometimes pursue the more common bachelor's degree in holistic wellness or even a master's degree in the same field. Those who wish to start their own practices might find it beneficial to earn bachelor's or master's degrees in business or earn business certificates. Graduates also sometimes pursue various state licenses in the holistic field.

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