Engineering Technology Trade Schools in the U.S.

Students pursuing an education in engineering technology often choose to do so through local trade schools. Considerations when choosing a trade school include the types of programs and certifications available, the length of programs and the scheduling of classes.

How to Select an Engineering Technology Trade School

Engineering technology is a broad field in which students study the applications of engineering technology and systems to everyday problems. Common specializations within the field of engineering technology include drafting, computer-aided design, land planning and surveying, heating and cooling systems, computer engineering technology and telecommunications technology. Some schools offer certifications or preparation for certification exams so that students can earn industry-standard recognition of their educational achievements.

A major consideration of students entering engineering technology programs is the length of those programs. The standard length of an associate degree program (A.S. or A.A.S. degrees) is two academic years. Many trade schools offer accelerated associate degrees, where students can earn their credential in fewer than two years. Additionally, some schools also offer diplomas or certifications that can be earned in fewer than two years.

A related concern to the length of program is the availability of classes. Many trade schools with engineering technology programs also offer those programs in a night class format or through a distance learning option. Students studying engineering technology often take advantage of the flexibility offered by some trade schools to balance the varied demands of work, family and their education.

Largest Engineering Technology Trade Schools by Student Enrollment

College/University Student Population Institution Type
Miami Dade College 57,222 4-year, primarily associate's, Public
Houston Community College System 48,169 2-year, Public
Northern Virginia Community College 42,663 2-year, Public
Lone Star College System 41,345 2-year, Public
College of Southern Nevada 40,310 4-year, primarily associate's, Public
Tarrant County College District 39,596 2-year, Public
Riverside Community College 36,146 2-year, Public
Austin Community College District 35,798 2-year, Public
Valencia Community College 35,460 2-year, Public
City College of San Francisco 34,868 2-year, Public
American River College 34,610 2-year, Public
Pima Community College 34,136 2-year, Public
East Los Angeles College 34,065 2-year, Public
Santa Ana College 33,916 2-year, Public
Broward College 33,448 2-year, Public
Mt San Antonio College 30,026 2-year, Public
Salt Lake Community College 29,396 2-year, Public
El Camino Community College District 27,098 2-year, Public
Long Beach City College 26,927 2-year, Public
Tidewater Community College 26,898 2-year, Public

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