Entertainment Business Degree Programs with Career Information

In entertainment business programs, students learn about the various principles and techniques used to market and promote media, merchandise and talent. Students often gain this knowledge through traditional coursework and internships.

Essential Information

Degree programs in entertainment business emphasize the management, production, distribution and manufacturing of mass media entertainment. Undergraduate options include a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in media and technology business, entertainment and media business, entertainment business and entertainment. This curriculum is 60 credit hours long and covers film and television production, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, media formats and talent management.

A Master of Business Administration with a concentration in entertainment business teaches students advanced concepts such as executive leadership, brand development and media publishing over 45 credit hours. Students also gain organizational, analytical, critical thinking, communication and investigative-study skills by completing an internship, research thesis and/or senior project.

  • Program Levels: Bachelor's and master's degrees.
  • Program Fields: Media and technology business, entertainment and media business, entertainment business,business administration.
  • Prerequisites: A high school diploma or GED is needed for a bachelor's, a bachelor's and related prior coursework is required for a master's.
  • Program Length: 60 credit hours for a bachelor's, 45 credits for a master's.
  • Other Requirements: Completion of an exit internship, thesis and/or project.

Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Business

Bachelor's coursework includes general education units with core subjects, like negotiation and applied ethics. Students learn how to effectively market creative entertainment in an legal way. They also become aware of different methods of media distribution so projects can reach the maximum amount of viewers. Central topics include:

  • Film and television distribution
  • Marketing
  • Advertising management
  • Entertainment law
  • Media planning

Master of Business Administration in Entertainment Business

This program discusses key elements like corporate strategy and media distribution. The curriculum also typically covers financial management, and delves deeper into the legal and ethical aspects of the industry than an undergraduate degree. Class topics include:

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Entertainment and media industries
  • Advanced entertainment law
  • Accounting issues in entertainment business
  • Marketing and brand management

Popular Career Options

Graduates are qualified for a variety of industry positions. Some individuals work as producers, publicists, marketing directors and public relations specialists. Popular job titles accessible to M.B.A. degree holders include:

  • Casting director
  • TV or film producer
  • Artist manager
  • Artist relations manager
  • Music producer

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