Entrepreneur Articles, Resources and Career Information

Articles and resources for entrepreneurs can be found on the Internet in a variety of places. There are many sites that are wholly focused on entrepreneurship. Other articles can be found on university websites.

Where to Find Articles on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs identify a marketing opportunity and pursue it, taking full responsibility for risk and outcomes. An entrepreneur may engage in an enterprise without a significant amount of background information on the nature of the business he or she is entering. This is where articles and resources on entrepreneurship come into play. Many articles today are based upon the real-life experiences of people who have joined the ranks of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine's website features articles on every aspect of business. Entrepreneurs can learn about money, marketing, sales, advertising, business opportunities, franchises and online business. Resources on the site include business calculators, business forms, start-up books and information on franchises.

Harvard Business School

The Harvard Business School has entrepreneur articles available on its Working Knowledge website. There are articles on funding and venture capitalism, start-ups, expansion and general entrepreneurship. This website is updated daily with articles written by Harvard Business School faculty members. Samples of articles include information on funding and initial public offerings (IPOs), managing growth, the entrepreneurial spirit, start-ups and general entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can find articles related to their field of interest, their industry and their geographic location.

DePaul University

DePaul University's Coleman Entrepreneurship Center maintains a website with entrepreneur articles and a calendar of events that features visits from local business professionals. In addition, the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center allows individuals to subscribe to DePaul's newsletter to gain access to entrepreneurial news. The center's consulting services provide more personalized attention.

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