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Entrepreneur Certificate and Certification Programs

Read detailed information about certificate programs designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. Find out about levels of study and what types of courses are offered in these programs.

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Essential Information

Entrepreneurial certificates are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Skills learned in these programs prepare students for careers as small business owners. They will learn about marketing, finance, product development, management practices and business planning strategies. Students who don't start businesses often work as business consultants, financial advisors or members of management teams in existing companies. There are no specific certifications offered or required for entrepreneurs or business owners.

Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate level certificates are available as supplementary programs that students complete during bachelor's degree programs. Courses count toward the degree but also fulfill the requirements for a supplementary certificate. Undergraduate certificates in entrepreneurship are often open to students from all majors but are most popular among business students.

The program equips students to predict and prepare for the challenges of starting a business. Students also learn to analyze markets for business opportunities, determine the best location for a business, recruit a team, build brands and sell to a chosen market. Many programs also help students develop a business plan and begin networking in their field. Undergraduate certificates programs vary in length, but most have 4-6 courses.


Coursework for an entrepreneurship certificate program varies, but usually cover the basics of starting up a small business. Common course topics include:

Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Graduate-level certificates in entrepreneurship may supplement an MBA degree program or be independent certificates. Many programs require all admitted students to be either business owners or prospective owners with a viable new business idea. Graduate certificate programs in entrepreneurship are generally designed to help students apply concepts directly to their own businesses.

Many graduate certificate programs that are parts of MBA programs emphasize networking and have initiatives in place to get students involved with local or regional corporations. Many graduate certificate programs are also open to non-MBA graduate students.


Coursework in graduate certificate in entrepreneurship programs teaches students practical concepts that they can use in their business. Topics studied include:

  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Finance
  • Decision making or management
  • Venture capital investment
  • Product development
  • Business planning
  • Entrepreneurial technology
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