Environmental Management MBA Degree Program Information

To earn a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) and also focus on environmental management, one must typically enroll in a joint degree program that includes subjects in both disciplines. Continue on for details, as well as info on career options and doctoral programs.

Essential Information

Dual-degree Master of Business Administration (MBA)/Environmental Management programs concentrate on both environmental science and business administration. Coursework is typically heavy in the sciences, but can span disciplines like technology, policy and law, systems modeling and sustainability. These programs prepare students to tackle the global issues facing the environment through solid and effective business practices.

Applicants will need a bachelor's degree. Most schools require GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) scores. GRE scores and a letter of interest describing personal goals may be required or optional. Often, these programs require a capstone project or internship prior to graduation.

Environmental Management MBA Degree Program Information

An environmental management MBA program typically includes courses in business and environment law, environmental factors in business management and environmental history. Students may enroll in courses that cover topics such as:

  • Corporate social responsibility and community development
  • Climate change
  • Environmental protection
  • Green business planning and environmental risk management
  • Economics of natural resources

Popular Career Options

Environmental MBA holders often obtain upper-level careers with private companies, government agencies or environmental organizations. Most environmental management positions balance business operations with environmental research and the implementation of green business practices. Career options may include:

  • Environmental finance consultant or company officer
  • Corporate green policy expert
  • Conservation non-governmental organization (NGO) manager
  • Conservation investment fund manager
  • Entrepreneur/owner of green organization

Continuing Education Information

Business professionals who hold an MBA may improve their career prospects and earnings potential by obtaining a doctoral degree. Doctoral programs that combine business and environmental studies are not common, so some students choose to focus their education on either business or environmental studies.

Programs like business administration in managerial science or environmental management are two alternatives. A doctoral degree in ecological economics is another choice and, a graduate certificate program in business and environmental studies may equal a Ph.D. minor.

An environmental management MBA program gives students the necessary background in business and environmental issues to prepare for upper-level careers in the public or private sectors.

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