Evansville, Indiana (IN) Colleges and Universities

While there are eight schools located in Evansville, IN, there are six additional schools located within a 50-mile radius. Learn about information related to some of these institutions, including net costs and proximity to downtown, to find the school for you.

Discover colleges and universities near Evansville, Indiana. Learn about net costs, student populations, and graduation rates, based on data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Closest Schools to Evansville, Indiana

Three non-specialty schools can be found within 10 miles of downtown. Two more universities are less than 50 miles away. If you are looking to study near Evansville, look into the following options:

  • University of Evansville (located 2.2 miles from downtown)
  • University of Southern Indiana (located 3.7 miles from downtown)
  • ITT Technical Institute - Newburgh (located 10 miles from downtown)
  • Oakland City University (located 27.8 miles from downtown)
  • Vincennes University (located 48.7 miles from downtown)

Largest Schools Near Evansville, Indiana

There are four institutions in the area that had more than 1,200 undergraduate students in 2015. Two of these campuses are within a four-mile radius of downtown. For those looking to study alongside many colleagues, look into the following schools:

  • Vincennes University (18,711 students, all undergraduates)
  • University of Southern Indiana (10,671 students; 9,762 undergraduates)
  • University of Evansville (2,495 students; 2,331 undergraduates)
  • Oakland City University (1,450 students; 1,241 undergraduates)
  • ITT Technical Institute - Newburgh (171 students, all undergraduates)

Lowest Net Prices

The NCES determines the net price by taking the total program cost for full-time undergraduates and subtracting their average financial aid. Two non-specialty institutions had net costs below $12,000 for 2014-2015. They are both four-year universities.

  • Vincennes University ($10,235)
  • University of Southern Indiana ($11,179)
  • University of Evansville ($22,041)
  • ITT Technical Institute - Newburgh ($24,890)
  • Oakland City University ($26,112)

Highest Graduation Rates

The NCES determines graduation rates using the number of full-time undergraduates who finish their programs in 150% or less of the normal amount of time. Two universities had graduation rates exceeding 60% in 2015. One of them is approximately two miles from downtown.

  • University of Evansville (68% graduation rate)
  • Oakland City University (63% graduation rate)
  • University of Southern Indiana (41% graduation rate)
  • ITT Technical Institute - Newburgh (32% graduation rate)
  • Vincennes University (23% graduation rate)

There are multiple options near Evansville, Indiana for students seeking schools with large student populations, good graduation rates, and low costs.

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