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Excel Certification and Certificate Program Overviews

Learn about certification and certificate programs for Microsoft Excel. Get information on the types of certificates offered, the program's curriculum and who can benefit from certification.

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Essential Information

A certificate program in Excel introduces basic and intermediate topics about the software program. Currently, Microsoft offers an office specialist certification for information workers who are required to have an in-depth knowledge of Excel. Expert and master certifications are also available for candidates who have an advanced understanding of the Excel software program.

Certificate programs can be completed in a few weeks. Some Excel certificate programs require students have knowledge of the Windows operating system and may require an assessment test prior to enrolling in the program. In some cases, Windows proficiency classes are included as part of the certificate curriculum. Generally, a certificate program in Excel consists of courses that introduce basic functions of the software program.

Some of the skills learned in this introductory class include editing, functions, data input, spreadsheet design and worksheet formatting. After a student successfully masters these skills, he or she will learn about advanced Excel topics. Some of these advanced topics may include linking, auto-filter, macros, graphing and file management. The certificate is awarded after a student successfully demonstrates knowledge of basic and advanced topics related to the Microsoft Excel program.

Educational Prerequisites

Admissions criteria for a certificate program in Excel are fairly open. The only educational prerequisite may be a high school diploma or a GED certificate. As stated previously, some community colleges require that an applicant be familiar with the Windows operating system before beginning the enrollment process.

Program Coursework

The curriculum for a certificate program in Excel is quite short. No general education courses are required, and students take three or four classes to complete the requirements of the certificate. Courses address the following:

  • Basic Microsoft Excel skills
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel skills
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel skills
  • Windows OS

Popular Career Options

Completion of a certificate program in Excel does not qualify graduates for a specific occupation. Rather, students who have completed an Excel certificate program can find all sorts of jobs that require familiarity with the Excel software program. Some of these positions include:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Business owner
  • Retail store manager

Continuing Education Information

Microsoft currently offers specialist, expert and master Excel certifications. The Excel specialist certification covers basic topics of the software program, while the expert and master certifications require that candidates have advanced, in-depth knowledge of Excel. Each of these certifications requires students to pass an exam. A fee is required to sit for an exam, and there are no eligibility requirements.

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