List of Fine Arts Colleges and Schools in the U.S.

The fine arts include fields related to the performing, creative or visual arts. Colleges and universities across the U.S. offer bachelor's and master's degree programs in the fine arts, as well as, in rare cases, doctoral programs.

Selecting a Fine Arts School

Under the fine arts umbrella fall many fields of study, including graphic design, drawing, film, theater, photography, music, creative writing and sculpture, among others. In general, undergraduate fine arts programs leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts allow students to select an area of concentration, so prospective students should locate those schools offering programs in their specific field of interest.

This also holds true for candidates pursuing graduate study in the fine arts. Furthermore, certain master's programs in the fine arts allow for even further specialization; for instance, film students may be able to concentrate in animation, producing or screenwriting. It's also useful to keep in mind that many schools are known for specific fine arts programs and may attract professional artists and writers to lecture. Although the Master of Fine Arts is often the terminal degree, some schools do offer Doctor of Philosophy programs in specific fine arts fields, and these may be relevant to candidates who are interested in becoming professors.

If a student plans on undertaking a studio-intensive program, he or she should make sure the school's facilities offer frequent access, as well as sanitary conditions, security and sufficient lighting. Students looking to major in computer animation or a related field may want to take into consideration whether a given school possesses up-to-date and industry-standard computer systems and software.

Fine Arts Colleges and Universities with the Largest Overall Enrollment

College/UniversityStudent Population Institution Type
University of Florida51,4744-year, public
University of Central Florida50,1214-year, public
The University of Texas at Austin49,9844-year, public
University of South Florida46,1894-year, public
University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign43,2464-year, public
New York University 42,189 4-year, private not-for-profit
Indiana University - Bloomington40,3544-year, public
Florida International University38,7594-year, public
Florida State University38,6824-year, public
University of Arizona38,0574-year, public
California State University - Long Beach37,8914-year, public
University of Maryland - College Park37,0004-year, public
California State University - Fullerton36,9964-year, public
California State University - Northridge36,2084-year, public
San Diego State University34,8894-year, public
University of North Texas34,8304-year, public
Brigham Young University34,2444-year, private not-for-profit
University of Georgia34,1804-year, public
University of Southern California33,7474-year, private not-for-profit
San Jose State University32,7464-year, public

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