Floral Design Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Floral designers arrange flowers, run floral shops and grow ornamental plants. Floral design certificate and associate's degree programs are available through many 2-year colleges in the United States.

How to Select a Floral Design School

Pursuing a career in floral design does not require a postsecondary degree. However, completing a floral design certificate or degree program can increase professional opportunities.


  • Award level
  • Opportunities for experience
  • Accreditation

Award Level

Students who are interested in running a floral business should look for a school that offers an associate's degree program. Those who seek an entry-level job in the floral design field can attend a 1-year certificate program.

Opportunities for Experience

Students at all levels should look for a floral design school that offers the opportunity to work with local florists or to gain experience designing floral arrangements for community events.


The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) certifies floral designers and approves school programs. Graduates of an accredited floral design degree or certificate program are qualified to take the AIFD industry certification exam. The AIFD also holds a yearly design competition called the National Symposium.

Floral Design Program Overviews

Certificate in Floral Design

The most common training program for floral designers lasts one year and leads to a Certificate of Completion. These programs may have as few as four courses that focus on floral design theory. Students also learn about flower choices for special events, such as weddings and funerals. An expanded curriculum may have up to 10 classes with some that touch upon small business management. Students take courses such as:

  • Basic floral design
  • Wedding designs
  • Permanent botanicals
  • Principles of marketing

Associate's Degree in Floral Design

Associate's degree programs in floral design, floristry or horticulture include core classes as well as general education requirements. Students work directly with flowers and the tools of the trade, and they are largely responsible for providing or funding these required materials. The curriculum culminates in an Associate of Arts or Associate of Applied Science. Students learn about:

  • Interior and exterior plant landscaping
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computer applications
  • Accounting for small businesses

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