Florida Adult Schools: Summary of Classes and Education Programs

Many Florida schools have departments of continuing education with programs aimed at adult learners. Many programs are tailored to meet the needs of adults who have work or family commitments and are seeking to improve professional or personal skills. This article focuses on two Florida schools providing adult education programs.

Schools and Programs

Adult learners in Florida have the opportunity to choose from many education programs offered through colleges and universities throughout the state. These schools commonly offer individual courses or certificate programs designed to build skills that can help students improve in their workplace or fulfill personal pursuits. Studies can help students learn a foreign or the English language, improve their reading skills, take better photographs or enhance their artistic abilities. While the two universities profiled below are found in the southern and western parts of the state, other programs can be found in northern, eastern and central parts of Florida.

Florida International University's Adult Education Programs

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Florida International University provides many opportunities for the adult learner in areas such as literature, fine arts, current events, language study and personal growth. Programs are aimed at adults aged 50 and above.

Photography Courses

Courses in photography teach students the basic use of camera equipment and technology. Students also learn about photography techniques and how to work with subjects to create a perfect shot.

Drawing Courses

Courses in drawing are offered at various levels. Students explore different mediums and techniques and learn about line, shading, composition and proportion.

Foreign Language Courses

Students learn a foreign language, such as Spanish, while exploring the associated cultures. Courses are offered at various levels. Students learn conversational language.

Contact Information

  • Address: 3000 NE 151 St., North Miami, FL 33181
  • Phone Number: (305) 919-5910

University of South Florida's Adult Education Programs

The University of South Florida offers many educational opportunities for adult learners through its continuing education department. Programs are designed to enhance professional or personal skills.

English Language Skills for Non-Native Speakers Courses

Beginner-level courses for non-native speakers cover basic English language skills and American culture. Advanced courses include business writing, workplace communication and medical terminology.

Foreign Language Courses

The foreign language courses are designed for those who travel for business or pleasure. Students are immersed in the language to improve their speaking and listening skills. Courses also cover culture and social customs. Courses are offered in Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese and other languages.

Gemology Courses

Courses in gemology are designed for both professionals and hobbyists with a desire to improve their knowledge of the gem industry and enhance their identification skills. Jewelry appraisal courses are also offered.

Reading Skills Courses

The University of South Florida offers a reading skills course appropriate for adult learners. The course helps students improve their reading capabilities. Students learn to read faster and with greater comprehension.

Photography Certificate

The certificate program in photography includes courses in studio lighting, camera skills and digital imaging. The program is designed for those seeking professional development as well as those interested in photography as a hobby.

Contact Information

  • Address: 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33620
  • Phone Number: (813) 974-2011

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