Flower Arranging Classes and Courses Overview

Learn about the training levels available for those who want to learn flower arranging. Get details on the classes and practical exercises that are standard in the curricula.

Essential Information

Flower arranging classes are typically available through certificate, associate's and bachelor's degree programs in horticulture, floral design and interior design. Universities and community colleges' continuing education divisions typically have these programs available. There are usually no prerequisites needed, and demonstrations are part of the learning. The programs' supply list is often provided on or before the first day of class.

List of Courses for Flower Arranging Professionals

Look at the variety of fundamental and advanced classes individuals can take in a floral design program.

Floral Design Course

This flower arranging class is for personal enrichment. Using fresh flowers, students explore the basic concepts of flower arrangement while developing personal flair and creativity. Students learn tricks for creating sophisticated floral pieces to enhance any special occasion. Advanced courses integrate dried and silk flowers into design creation.

Sympathy Flowers Course

When tragedy strikes, people often send flowers, and a sympathy flowers course study floral arrangements for these situations. Through this course, individuals learn how to arrange fruit, flowers and plants into wreaths, easels, casket sprays and crosses of different sizes to put on caskets. Typically, professors also address trends in the funeral industry, such as cremation, and ways to create sympathy floral designs that are appropriate for any funeral or memorial service.

Fall Flowers Course

This flower arranging course gives students the opportunity to create eye-catching floral arrangements using fall flowers and combining colors commonly seen during autumn to create designs that capture the mood of the season. In addition to flowers, students use leaves and branches. This flower arranging course can be taken as a personal experience class, and is also available through some horticulture and flower arrangement degree and certificate programs.

Ikebana Course

Students study the concepts that define the Japanese art of flower arrangement. In this class, students learn techniques for selecting the appropriate materials to meet the objectives of this style. The Ikebana style of flower arranging is over 600 years old and contains philosophical and symbolic meanings that students may also explore.

Wedding Flowers Course

Wedding flower arranging classes prepare students to create bridal bouquets and boutonnieres, as well as decorate churches and reception halls with floral arrangements. Students gain experience creating arrangements with silk, dried and fresh flowers. The lecture portion of the course covers additional items that can be used to make the flower arrangements, such as ribbon, lace and beads.

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