Framing Class and Course Descriptions

Framing courses teach students to effectively and efficiently mount pictures, paintings and memorabilia in picture frames. They are usually offered individually as opposed to being part of an overarching education program.

Essential Information

Framing courses are not offered at colleges and universities. Instead, they can be taken at small trade schools and art shops where individual courses are taught by professionals who teach students the framing techniques they use in their work.

List of Courses

The following individual courses can be offered by framing professionals.

Basic Framing

This beginner's class in framing can be taken by people who just want to learn the technique for personal enjoyment or who want to start their own framing business. Usually limited to ten participants or less, students receive hands-on training. Most courses in basic framing last four or five days.

Basic framing classes cover the introductory elements of framing, while providing future graduates with the information they need to enter the framing business. Students learn about framing tools, mat types, mat cutting techniques, joining frames and using templates. In addition, a basic framing course devotes special attention to the business side of framing.

Advanced Framing

Advanced framing classes pick up where beginner courses leave off, providing a more in-depth and personalized education in framing. Since many advanced framing courses are taken on a one-on-one basis, the opportunity for even more hands-on training exists. Most advanced framing courses are completed in two days, while others can last for up to five days. Attendance at a basic framing course or commensurate experience is required for admission to an advanced class.

The curriculum of an advanced framing course varies depending on the school and what was covered in the school's basic course. However, advanced courses typically discuss fillets, deacidification, canvas transfer, fabric mats, deep bevels and how to acquire and make the most of special materials.

Gilding Techniques

This class focuses on the oil and water gilding techniques used in picture framing. Hands-on experience working with one or both of these techniques is usually part of the class. Other areas of instruction include frame touch-up and limited restoration.

Glass Etching

Students interested in learning a way to enhance a custom framing project can take this class in glass etching. Participants work with abrasive, caustic and acidic substances to create art on glass surfaces. Professionals in the field will come away from this course with the skills needed to offer etched glass design as an option to their customers.

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