Garden City, New York (NY) Colleges and Universities

While there are only four colleges and universities in Garden City, NY, there are many schools located within a 5-mile radius. Read about the top schools in several categories, including lowest net price and highest graduation rates, to find the school for you.

School Ranking Overview

The Garden City area is home to a variety of colleges and universities that offer diverse educational settings. Within a 5-mile radius, prospective students can choose among private or public schools, as well as both 2- and 4-year institutions. Read on to find the school that best fits your educational goals based on the following points of comparison:

  • Most Program Variety
  • Lowest Net Price
  • Highest Graduation Rates
  • Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio

Most Program Variety

Students who want flexibility in choosing a degree path might opt for a school with a high number of academic offerings. The following three Garden City-area universities and institutes have the most program variety, with more than 70 options each.

1 - Hofstra University

Hofstra University is a 4-year, private school in Hempstead, NY, that offers roughly 138 academic programs within ten schools and colleges. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the most sought-after programs in 2011-2012 were undergraduate psychology, graduate finance, and law; middle school education and teaching was also a popular course of study for certificate seekers. That same year, the university awarded 1,701 bachelor's, 1,074 master's, and 400 doctoral degrees, in addition to 81 postgraduate certificates, according to NCES.

2 - Adelphi University

Adelphi University is a 4-year, private institution in Garden City, NY, where students can pursue roughly 89 programs distributed among eight schools and colleges. As reported by NCES, in 2011-2012, the most popular associate and bachelor's programs were in liberal studies and registered nursing; master's and doctoral students showed a preference for graduate social work and clinical psychology. Special education and teaching was the most common option among certificate recipients. That same year, the school awarded 31 associate, 1,250 bachelor's, 1,058 master's, and 21 doctoral degrees, along with 133 postgraduate certificates.

3 - New York Institute of Technology - Old Westbury

The New York Institute of Technology, a 4-year, private school located in Old Westbury, NY, offers approximately 78 programs through seven colleges and schools. According to NCES, graduates in 2011-2012 earned 19 associate, 1,041 bachelor's, 747 master's, and 319 doctoral degrees, as well as 50 postgraduate certificates. The most popular courses of study that year were the associate programs in engineering technology, undergraduate architecture, graduate business administration, and osteopathic medicine; public health was the most common certificate program. In 2013, U.S. News & World Report ranked the school #44 among regional universities in the North.

Lowest Net Price

NCES determines the average net prices for colleges and universities by subtracting the amount of financial aid students typically receive from the total cost of attendance (including room and board, tuition, books, etc.). The following three schools have the lowest reported net prices among traditional, not-for-profit schools, according to NCES data from 2011-2012.

1 - Nassau Community College (SUNY)

Nassau Community College, a 2-year, public institution in Garden City, NY, has a net price of $6,216, making it the most affordable not-for-profit school in the area. Tuition and fees in 2012-2013 totaled $4,495 for in-state students and $8,485 for out-of-state students. Since on-campus housing is not available, NCES estimated the cost of off-campus room and board at $13,464 for the same year. NCES also reported that 54% of full-time, beginning students in 2011-2012 received grants and/or scholarships in the average amount of $5,331, while 17% obtained student loans averaging $4,744.

2 - SUNY College at Old Westbury

In second place is SUNY College at Old Westbury, with a net price of $7,974. In 2012-2013, tuition and fees at this 4-year, public school totaled $6,624 for in-state and $15,874 for out-of-state students; on-campus room and board costs were estimated at $9,700. In 2011-2012, 70% of incoming freshmen received an average award of $8,092 in grant and/or scholarship aid, and 63% had an average amount of $5,532 in student loans, according to NCES. In 2013, the College Board reported that 84% of undergraduates had their full financial need met and that the average debt at graduation was $17,395.

3 - Molloy College

Molloy College, a 4-year, private school in Rockville Centre, NY, has a net price of $21,131. In 2012-2013, students paid roughly $24,420 for tuition and fees and $12,080 for on-campus housing. According to NCES, 92% of first-year undergraduates in 2011-2012 received grants and/or scholarships averaging $13,381, and 95% took out student loans in an average amount of $4,276. Additionally, statistics from the College Board show that, in 2013, students graduated with an average of $29,823 in debt and that the school met the full financial need of 17% of undergraduates. In 2013, U.S. News & World Report ranked the school #47 among regional universities in the North.

Highest Graduation Rates

The overall graduation rates reported by NCES represent the percentage of full-time students who began their studies in 2006 and graduated in 150% of the 'normal time' it takes to complete a program (e.g., six years for a bachelor's degree). The three schools listed below have the highest overall graduation rates among traditional, not-for-profit institutions in the Garden City area, all above 60% for first-time students who enrolled in Fall 2006.

1 - Adelphi University

Adelphi University has an overall graduation rate of 66%. According to NCES, 54% of students pursuing bachelor's degrees graduated within four years, and 24% of attendees transferred to other institutions. Roughly 82% of full-time and 56% of part-time freshmen who started in Fall 2011 returned to the university in 2012.

2 - Molloy College

Molloy College reported an overall graduation rate of 62%, with 34% of bachelor's degree candidates completing their programs in four years. Additionally, NCES figures from 2011-2012 show that the school had a first-year retention rate of 88% for full-time and 43% for part-time attendees.

3 - Hofstra University

Hofstra University has an overall graduation rate of 61%; NCES also noted that 45% of bachelor's degree seekers graduated in four years. In 2011-2012, 78% of full-time undergraduates returned to the university for their second year.

Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio

Traditional Garden City-area schools have student-faculty ratios between 10:1 and 20:1. The benefits of a low student-faculty ratio include smaller class sizes and the chance of more individualized attention from professors. According to NCES, the following three schools had the lowest student-faculty ratios for 2012.

1 - New York Institute of Technology - Old Westbury

The New York Institute of Technology has a student-faculty ratio of 10:1. As reported by NCES, the school employed 283 full-time and 964 part-time instructional faculty members in 2012, who served the educational needs of approximately 7,883 students. Additionally, U.S. News & World Report noted that, in 2011, nearly 67% of classes enrolled less than 20 students.

1 - Molloy College

Molloy College also has a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, with 179 full-time and 460 part-time teachers employed in 2012. Student enrollment for that year was estimated at 4,482 students. In 2011, approximately 63% of classes had 19 or fewer students, according to U.S. News & World Report.

3 - Adelphi University

Adelphi University comes in third with a student-faculty ratio of 12:1. According to NCES, in 2012, 7,859 students took classes with 332 full-time faculty members, 681 part-time instructors, and 31 teaching assistants. About 49% of classes in 2011 enrolled less than 20 students, as indicated by U.S. News & World Report.

Garden City Area Schools at a Glance

School NameLocationSchool TypeProgram Levels OfferedRegional Ranking
Adelphi UniversityGarden City, NY4-year, private not-for-profitAssociate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees; 1- but less-than-2-year, postbaccalaureate and post-master's certificatesHighest Graduation Rate,
2nd Most Program Variety,
3rd Lowest Student-Faculty Ratio
Hofstra UniversityHempstead, NY (2.1 miles from Garden City)4-year, private not-for-profitBachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees; postbaccalaureate and post-master's certificatesMost Program Variety,
3rd Highest Graduation Rate
Molloy CollegeRockville Centre, NY (4.8 miles from Garden City) 4-year, private not-for-profitAssociate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees; post-master's certificatesLowest Student-Faculty Ratio (tied),
2nd Highest Graduation Rate,
3rd Lowest Net Price
Nassau Community College (SUNY)Garden City, NY2-year, publicAssociate degrees; 1- but less-than-2-year certificatesLowest Net Price
New York Institute of Technology - Old WestburyOld Westbury, NY (4.4 miles from Garden City)4-year, private not-for-profitAssociate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees; postbaccalaureate and post-master's certificatesLowest Student-Faculty Ratio (tied),
3rd Most Program Variety
SUNY College at Old WestburyOld Westbury, NY (4.4 miles from Garden City)4-year, publicBachelor's and master's degrees; less-than-1-year and post-master's certificates2nd Lowest Net Price

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