GED in Alaska: Program Information and Overview

The GED (General Educational Development) test in Alaska is a 4-section national exam. Those who properly prepare and pass the exam earn their State of Alaska High School Diploma by Examination. Keep reading to learn about GED programs and testing requirements in Alaska.

GED Program Information in Alaska

People preparing for the GED exam can either study on their own or take a GED preparation program at community colleges and testing centers. Individuals studying on their own and those who have Internet access can find study materials and practice tests online. The Literacy Information and Communication System (www.literacydirectory.org) is one resource for test takers searching for a preparation class.

GED Test Information

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development website (www.ajcn.state.ak.us) offers detailed information on testing schedules, authorized testing centers and the time of day the exam can be taken.

Exam Overview

The GED exam is composed of four section tests in mathematical reasoning, science, social studies and reasoning through language arts. The total passing score on the GED in Alaska must be at least 600, and no one test can have a lower score than 150. There is no waiting period required for those who need to retake a test section or sections in Alaska except for a 60-day wait after three attempts. Here is a breakdown of the topics students can expect on the GED exam:

Mathematical Reasoning

The mathematical reasoning test covers both quantitative and algebraic problem solving. The test is divided in two parts, with only one part allowing the use of a calculator. The entire test must be completed in 90 minutes.


Questions on the science test are based on the test-taker's ability to comprehend earth and space sciences, life sciences and physical sciences. Examinees are given 75 minutes to complete all questions.

Social Studies

The social studies module tests the examinee's ability to comprehend social studies theory in geography, civics, government, economics and U.S. history. All questions must be completed in 90 minutes, and the test includes extended response passages.

Reasoning Through Language Arts

This section requires the test taker to demonstrate both writing and reading comprehension skills through a set of writing response answers. The entire test takes three hours to complete, with a break in the middle.

Testing Requirements

The GED test can be taken by any adult over 18 not currently enrolled in a high school program. Individuals who are 16 or 17 years old must have written documentation that they have withdrawn from school, such as a transcript or withdrawal slip, along with legal emancipation documentation or a parent or guardian's signature before GED testing is allowed. There are currently 19 GED testing sites located in Alaska.

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