GED in Spanish: Information on Taking the GED Test in Spanish

Those who wish to take the GED in Spanish should contact a local testing center to see if and where the test is offered. An additional ESL exam is often required of those who take the GED in Spanish.

Take the GED in Spanish and the GED ESL Test

Can I Take the GED in Spanish?

The GED is currently offered in three languages: English, Spanish and French. Many people take the GED in Spanish every year; however, individuals taking the test in a language other than English may be required to take an additional ESL (English as a second language) test. Whether or not a person is required to take the ESL test is determined by the state education board that administers the GED exam.

While many testing centers administer the exam in Spanish, some do not. Candidates should contact their local testing center to see if the Spanish version of the GED is available. If the GED isn't offered in Spanish at a particular testing center, you will be directed to a testing center that does offer the Spanish version.


The ESL exam focuses on situations an English speaker would likely encounter on a day-to-day basis. Questions combine forms, charts, advertisements, fliers and schedules. Common topics include employment, child care, personal health, employee information and consumer information. Education and consumer information are also topics frequently encountered on the test.

Approximately 75% of the test questions are literal, requiring test takers to read a passage of text and report information; answers for these questions are found in the original passage. Interpretive questions, which make up the remaining 25% of the exam, require test takers to read a passage and reach a conclusion about the passage. For instance, test takers may be asked to reflect on a passage's main idea, word usage or intended audience.

Should You Take the ESL Test?

Not all state educational boards require you to take the ESL Exam in addition to the GED in Spanish. However, the GED Testing Service, a program of the American Council on Education, recommends that any non-English speaking person who takes the GED in Spanish also takes the ESL exam. A passing score on the ESL exam demonstrates a certain level of fluency in English which may qualify the tester for an English-language credential in some states; this can often increase employment and college admissions prospects.

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