GED Test Online: Overview of Online GED Programs and Exam Options

Online General Educational Development (GED) preparation is available through many community colleges. These programs are usually offered completely online, though some require occasional trips to campus.

GED Online Programs and Exam Options Overview

The GED credential allows students who did not graduate high school to prove that they have academic skills that are equivalent to a secondary school level. The GED exam consists of four sections (math, social studies, science and language arts) that comprise the critical areas of high school education. Thanks to modern technology, students can receive GED training without leaving home.

Online GED Study Programs

Online GED preparation programs, which sometimes are offered free of charge, are often limited to students who live in the county or state of the community college offering them. Most programs include pre-testing to properly evaluate a student's knowledge going into the program. From there, the curriculum and its delivery depend on the school. Some programs are self-paced, while others provide regular online simulcasts of in-class sessions. In addition, some schools require their students to visit the physical campus to meet with their teachers.

GED Exam Options

Although one can use the Internet to prepare for the GED, the test itself cannot be taken online. However, there are approximately 3,400 GED testing centers across the country, including several in each state. These centers typically are open on weekdays during business hours, but some have evening and weekend hours as well.

Many community colleges serve as GED testing centers; in fact, the same schools that offer online GED study courses often double as test sites. The price to take the GED depends on the testing center; in some cases, there is no cost to sit for the exam.

Language Options

Students whose first language is Spanish or French can choose to take the GED in their native language, although this option is not be available at every testing site. Additionally, students who take the test in a foreign language might also have to pass an English as a second language (ESL) exam to receive their GED credentials.

Many schools that offer GED training programs in English also offer them in Spanish, although the latter might not be available online. Public community colleges don't typically offer GED preparation programs in French, but they are available from some private, for-profit schools.

Special Needs Options

GED testing centers are also able to accommodate students with physical, emotional and learning disabilities. Large-print and Braille versions of the test are available, and hearing-impaired students can access the GED by audio cassette. Additionally, special needs students may be given extra time or additional breaks or be allowed to use a calculator. Those who require special dispensation to take the GED must submit a request and receive approval before their exam date.

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