General Contractor Course and Class Descriptions

General contractors are usually required to be licensed to work in this field, so courses are meant to prepare individuals for state licensing exams. Read more about what is covered in general contractor classes and get some essential information for potential students in this field.

Essential Information

A general contractor is responsible for overseeing construction work sites and ensuring that projects are completed efficiently. An understanding of building methods, materials and codes is necessary in this field. Courses aim to prepare students to pass certifications exams, requirements for which can vary by state. Classes are available for professional development and personal enrichment, and they are not typically part of a degree program.

List of General Contractor Courses

Take a look at the list below for more information about subjects covered in general contractor classes.

General Contractor License Preparation Course

Licensing requirements for general contractors vary by state; therefore, interested individuals should take a license preparation course that covers their state's regulations. Students learn how to gain approvals, permits and licenses. They study project management, construction operations and procedures and building and safety codes. They come to understand bid evaluation, subcontracts and contract closeouts.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Course

General contractors interested in green buildings may find this course interesting. Students enrolled in this course learn about LEED's responsibilities and requirements. They study the LEED rating system, cost tracking and documentation. A building project may be LEED-certified, a credential administered by U.S. Green Building Council (

Job Estimating Course

Students hone their skills in estimating job length, costs (labor and material) and materials and crewmembers needed. Additional subjects of study may include estimating costs of redesigns, preparing bid proposals and integrating equipment costs and work done by others into an estimate. Students learn to correlate the project costs with design, implementation and scheduling to provide accurate estimates. Students are introduced to software used in construction estimating.

Laws and Contracts Course

This course may introduce students to basic construction law, risk management and contracts. In addition, students may explore contract language, contract structures, liens and notes of termination and acceptance. Various project delivery processes are examined as they relate to construction law. Other topics include contract writing, writing amendments, extensions and changes, bankruptcy and breaches of contract. Lastly, a course may cover liability, insurance and county and state regulations.

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