Glendale Adult School Options with Course and Program Info

There are several regional options for those seeking adult education opportunities in and around Glendale, California. Some community colleges and school districts provide courses and programs designed with the adult student in mind. Two of these schools and their adult programs are highlighted here.

Schools and Programs

Residents of Glendale and surrounding areas, which includes Los Angeles (roughly 10 miles to the south), can enroll in certificate programs or non-credit courses designed to help them improve basic skills, prepare for a career or pursue a personal interest. Career training programs can help students strengthen computer, office and customer service skills useful in a variety of professional fields. Graduates of such programs could pursue entry-level employment as file clerks, data entry clerks, medical billing specialists, medical assistants, health records clerks, and pharmacy technicians.

Read more details about two Glendale adult schools, one provided at a community college and the other through the Los Angeles Unified School district.

Schools At a Glance

Schools Location Institution Type Class Format
Glendale Community College Glendale, CA Public Online, On-campus
Evans Community Adult School Los Angeles, CA Public Online, on-campus

Glendale Community College's Adult Education Programs

In addition to regular academic programs, Glendale Community College offers non-credit continuing education opportunities for nontraditional and adult learners through Community Services Education. Several business and career development programs are offered in addition to personal enrichment courses.

Student Success Center Programs

Classes offered through the Student Success Center include reading and writing and math. It is also possible to take classes in order to prepare for the High School Equivalency Exam or that which is necessary to finish a high school diploma.

English As A Second Language (ESL) Program

ESL classes are offered for free via Glendale's Continuing Education department. Classes are available on a rolling basis, and there are no prerequisites. Students can choose from two different locations in Glendale, and off-site locations are available, as well.

Lifelong Learning Programs

Lifelong learning classes are also offered for free. They range from world religions, film criticism, diet and nutrition, art history, to ancient civilizations of the world.

Business Education Programs

Free classes in business include customer service, business writing, 21st century employment strategies, keyboarding, filing, and office equipment. Computer classes are offered, as well, in areas such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Quickbooks, and others.

Parent Education Program

Parents and their children have the opportunity to engage in classes together. Topics include dance, music, and telling stories.

Evans Community Adult School's Programs

Evans Community Adult School serves aspiring students in Los Angeles and its surrounding communities, including Glendale. High school completion and English as a second language (ESL) programs are offered in addition to career technical education programs.

Adult Secondary Education Programs

An adult basic education course prepares participants for high school or general educational development (GED) programs. It focuses on reading, writing and math skills. Students may then take the GED High School Equivalency Certificate exam or enroll in a high school diploma program to prepare for the California High School Exit Exam.

English as a Second Language Programs

ESL classes are offered at separate levels of expertise, starting at beginning literacy. Students also have the option of learning from home, with videos online or a $5 DVD that is refundable. A citizenship course is also offered, in order to acclimate students to the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Health Information Technician Program

This program introduces medical assisting skills, including ambulatory care, laboratory procedures and recordkeeping. Other topics of study include ethics, medical terminology and the various fields of medical practice.

Computer Operations Program

Classes in specific software applications, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, are offered along with courses covering other computer hardware and software components. Students also learn about operating systems and computer terminology.

Pharmacy Technician Program

Students attend classes to prepare themselves for employment at a pharmacy. Once they've successfully completed the program, they will then be able to register as a pharmacy technician with the state.

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