Graduate Schools in Pittsburgh, PA with Program Overviews

There are 16 schools offering graduate programs within 25 miles of Pittsburgh, PA. See how any of the city's universities compare to each other in different categories to find the school for you.

Students wanting to further their education by enrolling in graduate classes have multiple options in Pittsburgh, PA, including seminaries and universities. We'll examine many of the institutions in the city offering graduate certificates, master's degrees and/or doctorates using National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) data such as net price, location, graduation rate and student population.

Closest Schools to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As the second largest metropolitan area in Pennsylvania, the greater Pittsburgh region contains several universities and colleges offering graduate programs. If you are a prospective graduate student in the Pittsburgh area, and value a shorter commute to any potential school, the universities with the closest campuses to your area are:

  • Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Greater Allegheny (3.4 miles from downtown)
  • University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (5.7 miles from downtown)
  • Carlow University (6.1 miles from downtown)
  • Carnegie Mellon University (6.1 miles from downtown)
  • Chatham University (7 miles from downtown)

Largest Schools near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The largest university offering graduate programs in the Pittsburgh area is the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh campus, offering a total student population of 28,649. The next five largest schools offering graduate degrees in Pittsburgh are:

  • Carnegie Mellon University (12,963 students)
  • Duquesne University (9,404 students)
  • California University of Pennsylvania (7,854 students)
  • Robert Morris University (5,377 students)
  • Point Park University (3,844 students)

Lowest Net Price

A school's NCES net price describes the amount left over when you subtract the average full-time undergraduate financial aid from the average cost of attending that school. In the 2014-2015 academic year, the schools near Pittsburgh with the lowest net prices were:

  • Pennsylvania State University-Penn State New Kensington ($14,227)
  • Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Greater Allegheny ($15,929)
  • California University of Pennsylvania ($17,233)
  • Carlow University ($18,817)
  • Chatham University ($21,066)

Highest Graduation Rates

The NCES graduation rate for a specific school is the percentage of that school's full-time undergraduate population who completes their degree programs within 150% of the normal length of time for that program. The Pittsburgh-area schools with the highest graduation rates for 2015 are:

  • Carnegie Mellon University (88% graduation rate)
  • University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (82% graduation rate)
  • Duquesne University (74% graduation rate)
  • Seton Hill University (59% graduation rate)
  • Point Park University (58% graduation rate)

Given the diversity of the numerous schools in the Pittsburgh area, factors like campus location, student population, net price and graduation rate can help you make your final decision when figuring out which schools to apply to.

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