Guitar Repair Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Students searching for guitar repair school may want to consider types of credentials offered, location, program length and career goals. Prospective stringed instrument makers, called luthiers, may also wish to seek out a guitar repair program that includes hands-on experience in guitar construction.

How to Select a Guitar Repair School

There are very few accredited schools that offer guitar repair programs. Students can find certificates and associate's degrees in guitar building and repair at a few technical colleges and specialized for-profit schools. In these programs, students learn to diagnose guitar problems and to execute the proper adjustments and repair actions required.

Consider the following when searching for guitar repair schools:

  • Certificate and degree programs in guitar construction and repair are sparse, so prospective students may have to relocate in order to complete a program in this field.
  • Since many programs are offered at private for-profit schools, costs can be substantial.
  • A program that includes both electric and acoustic guitar repair will help students compete in the job market, along with hands-on instruction.
  • A luthier certificate or associate's degree program in fine woodworking or music, which may include instruction in guitar repair, typically takes two years to complete.

Program Overviews

Certificate and Diploma Programs

Certificate and diploma programs in guitar repair tend to take from 1-2 years to complete and focus narrowly on career skills. These programs have classroom and laboratory courses, an include instruction in:

  • Advanced guitar building
  • Guitar repair
  • Guitar maintenance
  • Hand and power tools
  • Music theory

Associate's Degree Programs

Students may opt to pursue a luthier certificate as part of an Associate of Arts degree program in woodworking or music. These associate's degree programs can include instruction in:

  • Instrument building and repair (including guitars, mandolins, violins and basses)
  • Fine woodworking in cabinetry, furniture and door making
  • Guitar wood body, neck adjustment, frets or finishes
  • Electric guitar circuitry

10 Guitar Repair Schools

College/School Institution Type
Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical 2-year, Public
Renton Technical College 2-year, Public
Red Rocks Community College 2-year, Public
American School of Lutherie Private, for-profit
ARC Guitar Building School Private, for-profit
Colorado School of Lutherie Private, for-profit
Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair Private, for-profit
Midwest Guitar Luthier School Private, for-profit
Nazareth Guitar Institute Private, for-profit
Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery <2-year, Private, for-profit

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