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Health Insurance Courses, Classes and Training Programs

Health insurance courses are designed for students who are training for careers as health insurance specialists. Training classes prepare students to take the Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS) exam. Continue reading below to explore some typical health insurance training courses.

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Essential Information

Health insurance courses are designed for students who want to become health insurance specialists in medical offices. Career training for health insurance specialists is offered by community colleges, technical colleges and continuing education departments of 4-year colleges. These programs are typically short-term professional development courses that prepare students for a certification exam. The Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS) credential is awarded to students who successfully pass the CMIS exam.

List of Health Insurance Courses

Keep reading for a detailed list of courses included in health insurance specialist training programs.


Students learn the definition and usage of terms related to insurance, anatomy, physiology and medicine in this course. Proper usage and pronunciation of medical terminology is important for accurate communication with patients, doctors and health insurance companies. This is one of the first courses in a health insurance training program. Dental terminology also may be included in this class.

Billing and Coding

Health insurance specialists train in the international classification of disease (ICD) and common procedural terminology (CPT) classification and coding systems. Codes are used in patient billing, insurance claims and for statistical purposes by the insurance company and the government. Accurate coding is vital; a wrong code could result in the claimant being denied health insurance coverage.


In this course, students learn to initiate and track a health insurance claim through the claims process. Preparing electronic and paper claims are covered. The course includes instruction on how to resolve denied claims, appeal denied claims and correct billing errors. Types of claims, such as workers compensation claims or Medicare claims, are dealt with specifically.

Office Technology

This health insurance training course includes instruction in the software applications and electronic communications used in medical offices. Word processing applications and financial tracking software are reviewed, and students learn to access online spreadsheets and databases and to use electronic billing systems.


Medical office workers take this overview course to learn the basics of human anatomy and physiology. Emphasis is on disease, as well as the medical procedures and laboratory tests used in treating illness. In some programs, a course in medical terminology may fulfill this requirement.

Training Programs

Health insurance training programs are career programs that typically result in a certificate of completion. Many of these programs are continuing education programs offered by community colleges and consist of 23-25 hours of classroom instruction. Professional health insurance specialists seeking 2-year degrees, in some instances, may apply health insurance training classes towards a medical office specialist Associate of Applied Science degree.

After completing a training program, students may sit for the Certified Medical Insurance Specialist exam offered by the Practice Management Institute. In addition, medical insurance students may be qualified to take the National Healthcare Association's Certified Medical Assistant credentialing exam.

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