Herbal Medicine Schools and Colleges in the U.S.

Herbal medicine is the study of holistic and herbal remedies as they relate to treating illnesses and ailments. Students have relatively few herbal medicine schools to choose from in the U.S., though those they can choose from are highly specialized.

How to Select an Herbal Medicine School

Some courses of study within herbal medicine programs may include manufacturing herbs, identification of herbs, the history of botanical medicine and the sociopolitical perspectives regarding botanical medicine.

Consider the following when looking for herbal medicine schools:

  • It's important that individuals seeking an herbal medicine school find a curriculum that combines modern science with both Eastern and Western herbalism.
  • Prospective students may want to check if the coursework involves any business training, since many herbal medicine graduates go on to work in herbal medicine shops and other businesses related to holistic care.
  • Accreditation is important, because it lets potential employers know that the student has received education adhering to national standards.

10 Schools with Herbal Medicine Programs

College/University Institution Type
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts 2-year, Private
Bastyr University 4-year, Private
Northwestern Health Sciences University 4-year, Private
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - New York 4-year, Private
Tai Sophia Institute 4-year, Private
American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 4-year, Private
Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine 4-year, Private
New England School of Acupuncture 4-year, Private
Tri-State College of Acupuncture 4-year, Private
Midwest College of Oriental Medicine 4-year, Private

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