Highland Heights, Kentucky (KY) Colleges and Universities

While there is only one school in Highland Heights, Kentucky, there are nine more schools located within a 25-mile radius. Read about the traditional schools in several categories, including lowest net price and highest graduation rate, to find the school for you.

There are many options for students seeking higher education at traditional schools within the Highland Heights area. Prospective students can learn how institutions in the Highland Heights area compare based on the criteria provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Closest Schools to Highland Heights, Kentucky

The majority of schools closest to Highland Heights are 4-year institutions. However, only one of these institutions offers graduate degree programs in addition to undergraduate programs.

  • Northern Kentucky University (1.2 miles from downtown)
  • Daymar College-Bellevue (5.7 miles from downtown)
  • Brown Mackie College-Northern Kentucky (7 miles from downtown)
  • Thomas More College (7 miles from downtown)
  • Beckfield College-Florence (11.3 miles from downtown)

Largest Schools Near Highland Heights, Kentucky

Although there are not many large institutions (over 1,000 students), the Highland Heights area does offer some variation in student populations with less than 100 students to more than 10,000 students. The two largest schools are public institutions, and the rest of the schools in the area are private.

  • Northern Kentucky University (15,090 students)
  • Gateway Community and Technical College (4,594 students)
  • Thomas More College (1,655 students)
  • Beckfield College-Florence (712 students)
  • Brown Mackie College-Northern Kentucky (306 students)

Lowest Net Price

Prices at Highland Heights area schools (including specialty schools) range from just under $7,000 per year to more than $26,000 for 2014-2015. The net prices are from the NCES, which calculates net price by subtracting the average scholarship and grant aid received by full-time undergraduate students who applied for financial aid from the total expenses for full-time, first-time freshmen.

  • Gateway Community and Technical College ($7,644)
  • Northern Kentucky University ($9,173)
  • Thomas More College ($18,567)
  • Beckfield College-Florence ($26,842)

Highest Graduation Rate

Most of the colleges and universities near Highland Heights have graduation rates of 50% or below for 2015. The following traditional schools have some of the highest graduation rates in the area, according to the NCES, which calculates the graduation rate as the percentage of full-time undergraduate students beginning academic programs who finish in no more than one and a half times the nominally required period of study, for example, those who finish their 4-year degree in six years.

  • Daymar College-Bellevue (55% graduation rate)
  • Thomas More College (48% graduation rate)
  • Northern Kentucky University (40% graduation rate)
  • Brown Mackie College-Northern Kentucky (34% graduation rate)
  • Beckfield College-Florence (32% graduation rate)

The Highland Heights, KY, area is home to both public and private schools that differ in graduation rates, price, size, and location to help meet the needs of interested students.

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