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If the elements of home economics interest you, find out what majors provide classes in the field. Read descriptions of sample classes related to home economics.

Essential Information

Most colleges' home economics programs are now called family and consumer sciences; however, home economics classes may be offered in programs discussing natural sciences and human sciences. Classes cover multiple skill sets, such as food and nutrition, clothing, human development, financial management and interior design. Students also gain knowledge of professional careers in home economics and related fields.

List of Home Economics Classes

Take a peek at the range of topics addressed in a home economics program.

Diet and Meal Planning

This course covers the planning and organization of family meals. Curriculum addresses family size, nutritional needs of family members, economic levels and family schedules. Students learn about the meal traditions and requirements of different ethnic backgrounds and ages. Recipe writing and critique may be included. A lab unit affords students the opportunity to prepare meals under instructor guidance.

Financial Management for Individuals and Families

This course explores basic budgeting, use of credit, home buying, insurance, investments and other financially related topics. Students learn how to develop personal or family financial plans for their own households, including savings for retirement, college or home buying. The class is taught primarily through lecture and discussion.

Family Ecosystems and Relationships

Participants in this class study various relationships within families and the issues surrounding them. Curriculum addresses the family as a social unit in a larger society. Discussions related to family dynamics, changes throughout the life cycle and social conditions help students illuminate factors that may place stress on a family. Other possible topics include prevention of teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, family planning, conflict resolution and non-traditional family structures.

Interior Design and Aesthetics

Coursework addresses the aesthetic, social and economic aspects of home design and decoration. Students learn to analyze homes for furnishing and equipment needs, taking into account aspects of functionality, aesthetics and durability. Also discussed are environmental concerns in the home and the needs of diverse populations. Students may design a home environment using drawings or collage.

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