Homeschool GED Prep Courses and Training Programs

There are no specific General Educational Development (GED) preparatory programs for students who have been homeschooled. Homeschooled students interested in applying to a college or university may do so without a GED diploma, as long as all admission requirements for the particular school are met. Online and other GED test training options are available to anyone, including homeschooled students, meeting minimum age and other basic requirements and interested in pursuing the credential.

GED Training Programs

GED test preparation programs are widely available at most community, technical and vocational schools through continuing education or adult education divisions. Programs are available in traditional, classroom-based formats, as well as online and other home study formats, and are generally offered at little or no cost. The GED test was created by the American Council on Education (ACE), which provides information about GED training programs and testing sites located by zip code (www.gedtestingservice.com). Although preparation programs for the GED are offered remotely, the exam must be taken at stipulated locations.

Online GED Prep Courses

Online GED training programs are widely available, and some programs offer initial skills assessments in reading, language and math. An in-person visit for registration, assessment and orientation may be required. Online classes may be either instructor-led or self-paced with instruction materials and video lectures delivered via the Internet. Students should have strong reading skills, feel comfortable using a computer and have reliable Internet access.

Standard online GED prep courses typically require 6-9 weeks for completion. However, some schools offer online GED programs with a fast-track option where a student may complete training in as little as four weeks. Fast-track courses are designed for students who have not been out of school long or only require a refresher prior to taking the GED test.

Other Home Study Options

Self-study is another option for GED students. GED study guides may be found at libraries and bookstores. Some states offer programs that combine home-based learning utilizing printed materials intended for independent study with required regularly scheduled computer lab time and meetings with instructors to ensure student progress.

Students may also find informal, online resources intended for GED test preparation; for instance, the ACE website provides sample test questions for those studying for the GED, as well as other test prep resources online, such as information on calculator operations and question formatting. Additionally, ACE provides multimedia-based, at-home instruction incorporating lessons broadcast over PBS, as well as workbook and online learning.

Subjects Covered in GED Prep Courses

GED prep courses typically cover the four subject areas found on the standardized exam. Preparation for the math section may include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In addition, whole numbers, decimals, fractions, statistics, probability, geometry and algebra may also be covered. Studies for the science portion may include biology, chemistry, physics and earth science.

Prep coursework for the social studies section might entail studies in U.S. government and history, world history, economics and geography topics. Literary and non-fiction literature, including discussion of content and preparation for multiple choice questions testing comprehension, are covered in GED training for the reading part of the language arts test section. In preparation for the essay-writing part of the test, training programs may review sentence structure, mechanics, word usage and organization.

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