Homeopathic Universities and Schools in the U.S.

Homeopathy is a holistic healing process based on the idea that individuals often benefit from different treatments based on their physical and psychological attributes.

How to Select a Homeopathic Medicine School

When searching for a homeopathic medicine school, the student should seek out accreditation first. Very few homeopathy schools in the U.S. are accredited by the Council on Homeopathic Education, which specifies three elements that should be involved in the homeopathy training process. They are formal instruction, self-study and clinical supervision. A document of homeopathy standards created by the council (www.chedu.org) identifies the philosophy, management, analysis and principles of homeopathy. These are all important when selecting one of the few homeopathy schools in North America.

The school may include courses and work in medical terminology, therapeutics and pathophysiology. Work can include the emotional and psychological functioning of patients and consultation skills as well as identifying illnesses and categories of illnesses. These include infectious disease, neurological disorders and occupational illnesses, all treated holistically by homeopathic professionals.

The program the student chooses within the school may be based on his or her current educational place. When choosing a school, if the student already has a bachelor's degree, he or she should find a program offering a doctoral degree program. If the student has already received full medical training, he or she should find a program that eliminates most or all basic medical prerequisite courses.

Those students who've already received full medical training may join a certificate program which provides basic homeopathic training. In addition to the homeopathic philosophy and treatments learned, students may take courses in business and management. Many homeopathic doctors run private practices, and need to know the basic elements of working for themselves and managing others, such as assistants and technicians.

Schools by Overall Student Enrollment

College/UniversityInstitution Type
American Medical College of Homeopathy 2-year, for-profit

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