Homeschool High School Diploma Program Overviews

While there are a number of ways to complete a high school education by homeschooling, diplomas are usually only awarded through state-accredited programs. These programs can commonly be found in community colleges and universities.

Earning a High School Diploma though Homeschooling

Homeschooling is the process of a parent or tutor educating a child at home, rather than sending them to a private or public school. There are several different approaches to homeschooling, and programs vary in length and style. Homeschooling is, however, monitored by the state government and laws differ between states. For example, some states require specific courses or standardized tests. Those interested homeschooling should contact either their state representative or a local interest group to learn about relevant laws for the state in which he or she lives.

Homeschooling Diplomas

Completion of a homeschooling program does not automatically result in a diploma. Some homeschooling parents may create a diploma to present to the student, but it is not considered an accredited diploma. In order to earn an accredited diploma, individuals must complete a high school completion or diploma program at a local college or public school district. Some high school diploma programs are also available online.

How High School Diploma Programs Work

High school diploma programs must follow the curriculum requirements of the educational boards of the state in which the school operates. So, students who have an interest in a particular school should visit its state's educational website to learn more about curriculum requirements and check the program and school accreditation.

These programs offer the courses needed to complete for a high school diploma. Homeschooled students enroll in the required classes and then pass the final exam needed to earn their diploma. Students may also submit a transcript of completed coursework and life experiences for transferable credits. Some programs only require homeschooled students to pass the final exams to prove their proficiency and earn a diploma.

In online high school courses, students communicate with teachers using Internet-based technology like video chat, voice chat, discussion forums and e-mail. In most cases, online courses are structured much like traditional classroom courses; instructors assign regular reading, assignments, papers and tests according to state-regulated curriculum. Students typically receive a GPA on a 4.0 scale and are mailed a diploma after satisfactory completion of all requirements.

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