Import Export Courses and Classes Overview

Import Export classes are typically offered through business schools, and they may be requirements for students majoring in international business and related fields. Keep reading to get the essential details about import export courses and classes.

Essential Information

Import export courses are available through certificate courses and associate's and bachelor's degree programs. Students majoring in international trade and commerce, importing and exporting, international business and trade operations will have to take some courses in this field.

These courses familiarize students with import and export laws, customs regulations and ways to conduct international and domestic business legally. Students will get instruction in payment methods, freight operations and the various types of documentation needed for international trade.

List of Import Export Courses

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Import-Export Trade Operations Course

Import-export classes cover the ways in which businesses transport goods over international boundaries. An introductory course in trade operations, which involves the buying and selling of products internationally, covers practical topics related to importing and exporting. These courses cover the theory of international merchandise trade. Students also explore payment methods, risk analysis and import-export documentation.

Documentation Course

Businesses and import-export specialists need to complete significant amounts of paperwork before transporting their goods across international borders. Importers and exporters need to fill out forms for insurance, NAFTA compliance and customs; they also may need to use documentation when solving logistical and transportation issues. Courses in import-export documentation cover the forms necessary to properly insure imports and exports and to ensure their swift passage through foreign customs offices. Students analyze case studies in which proper or improper shipping documentation has greatly impacted the efficiency of import-export business transactions.

Freight Operations Management Course

Throughout this course, students deal with the practical issues that face companies that import and export goods. Clients want products to arrive on time, in good condition and for a reasonable price. In this course, students learn to address these expectations by exploring the basics of how goods are transported and evaluating common means of transportation, which include ships, trains, trucks and planes. Issues discussed include potential problems, import-export policies and policies of individual companies.

Customs Regulations Course

Students taking this importing and exporting class become familiar with the business laws governing the United States and explore ways that companies can compete internationally. These courses cover laws for exporting and importing goods into or out of the United States. Students examine limitation laws, licenses and documentation. The course also includes an overview of other nations' import laws.

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