Inglewood Adult School Options

Inglewood, a community in the southwestern region of greater Los Angeles, supports its diverse population with practical and affordable adult school options. Adult schools in this region are offered through community centers or public school districts. Read on to learn more about adult schools in Inglewood.

Schools and Programs

One of the main adult schools in Inglewood provides a wide range of courses for adults to acquire basic skills, complete high school, learn English, acquire job skills, improve computer skills or change careers. Adult learners can prepare for or enhance careers in healthcare, office or technical settings. Graduates can be prepared for a number of professions, including nursing assistants, graphic designers, desktop publishers, office clerks, hair stylists, and medical billers.

Many programs offer flexible day and evening classes. Where applicable, graduates can be prepared to pursue professional certification in their field of study. Below is more information about community-based adult schools in Inglewood and a profile of several technical programs offered at these schools.

Schools at a Glance

School Name Location Program Levels Class Format
Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles Certificate Online, on-campus
Los Angeles Southwest College Los Angeles Certificate, associates degree Online, on-campus

Loyola Marymount University Extension

In addition to its collection of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, Loyola Marymount University also offers extensive continuing education opportunities. A Catholic university, LMU offers programs that provide adults with career information and training. The school's programs are reviewed on a continual basis by the university's faculty and administrators to ensure academic excellence.

Computer Training Program

For adults looking for a career in information technology, or simply seeking to improve their technological literacy, the computer training program at LMU provides training in essential software such as Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel. Courses are available online, and also provide training for relevant certification exams.

Ministry Studies Program

In keeping with LMU's religious background, the ministry studies program allows students to explore selected spiritual and theological topics. Students learn about the administrative side of ministry, with courses analyzing parish business administration and pastoral music, as well as the spiritual side through courses in theological studies and Christian spirituality.

Business & Nonprofit Development

Entrepreneurial adults might benefit from this program, which teaches adults the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a competitive business environment. Students in this program can expect to take courses related to bookkeeping, grant writing, human resources management, and event management.

Los Angeles Southwest College

Los Angeles Southwest College is a two-year college offering associate's degree programs, along with over 35 occupational certificates. Students can choose one of two types of certificate: a skill certificate, or a certificate of achievement. These certificate programs directly relate to a certain type of employment and are intended for students who have a desire to concentrate on a particular profession or field.

Legal Office Assistant Program

This program is designed for aspiring office assistants who wish to work in a legal setting. Students begin with a brief refresher on important skills, such as keyboarding, and then advance towards more complex topics such as business English and office management.

Microsoft Word Program

In addition to career-centric certificates, LASC also offers programs that develop skills for all professions. The Microsoft Word certificate is one such example; this program allows students to master the most commonly used word processing software. Course topics in this program include computer keyboarding and disk operating systems.

Engineering Program

A more general program, the engineering certificate provides students with an understanding of basic and fundamental engineering principles. Students learn about static and engineering materials. This certificate can be an excellent first step towards a degree in engineering.

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